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Monday, 22 August 2011

IDC Pattaya 22nd August - 2nd September

Happy Days!

Today morning at 8.00 the next IDC started. Eight candidates showed up (Andrea, Ben, Fiona, Scott, James, Lynn, Christina, Brian) and are enjoying our presentations. They are all very enthusiastic and absorbing the new information very readily.
Hopefully this attitude will last the entire time :)
I will inform you here about their progress later on.


  1. Next day of IDC in Pattaya. Good job guys. Today you performed good in the pool. With a little bit of practice it will be perfect. For the next two days just concentrate on our presentations. After that we will listen to yours :)

  2. Today morning the first presentations was given by our candidates. We did listen to them and they was quiet good for the first go. It requires a bit of time to learn the structure and the system, but it's possible.
    I personally did hate those presentations when I was on my IDC, but now I am enjoying them :)